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Down jacket important indicators
May 25, 2018

(1) The amount of lining: The amount of velvet is not an indicator of down quality. It refers to the weight of all the downs filled with a down jacket. The amount of down-filling for outdoor down apparel is generally around 250-450 grams depending on the target design.

(2), down content (down content): The amount of cashmere is the proportion of down inside the cashmere, generally expressed as a percentage. The amount of cashmere in outdoor down apparel is generally above 80%. The surface of this data contains 80% of the cashmere and 20% of the feathers.

(3) Fill power: Looseness is an important measure of the degree of down warmth. For example, if one ounce of down space occupies 600 cubic inches, the duvet is said to have a loftiness of 600. The higher the dullness of the down, indicating that down in the same amount of down-filling can fix a larger volume of air layer to insulate and insulate, so the down warmth is better. Bulkiness is not a hard indicator at home, and the relative error of measurement is also large.

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