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Electric car electric gloves feature
May 25, 2018

Intelligent heating handle sets the smart heating layer on the back of the hand to achieve accurate heating;

Smart heating handle sets a hole in the inner circle of the mounting hole to achieve a constant temperature.

The intelligent heating handle cover sets the sealing zipper on the side of the installation hole, and the installation hole sets the beam rope, which is easy to install;

The intelligent heating handle sleeve also has a mirror mounting hole to facilitate the installation of mirrors and anti-theft.

Intelligent heating handle sets are composed of intelligent heating plate and heating system. The two hands are connected by wires. The temperature control system is set in the heating plate. The temperature of the heating plate is always at a constant temperature of 45-55 degrees Celsius. Cut off the power quickly to prevent accidents. The power of the heat sink is adjusted intelligently with the ambient temperature.

The installation hole of the intelligent heat handle cover is sealed in a special way, and the heat is tightly locked so that the outside cold air does not penetrate inside, giving the entire handle room a constant temperature space, so that the thumb area is not cold, and the rest is cold. Regional heat This phenomenon of uneven heating. To achieve, sealed, constant temperature, comfort, energy saving purposes.

Intelligent heating handle sets high heat efficiency, energy saving, safety design considerations, detailed design considerations, is a highly efficient, energy-saving, low-cost, safe, comfortable, practical, durable, inexpensive, cost-effective one Kinds of security products.

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