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Electric glove structure
May 25, 2018

Electric gloves are based on the "bionics of the human body" as the design of the glove, based on "electric heating technology" as the basic principle, belonging to the traditional gloves, upgrading products. The products are widely used in the aerospace field of electric carbon fiber PVC plastic non-metallic materials for self-heating materials. In the process of heating, carbon fiber will produce far-infrared temperature, and use internal various dense objects to interact to generate heat. The air inside the glove is heated evenly to provide constant temperature and constant heat.

An intelligent heating layer is provided on the back of the electric glove to achieve accurate heating.

The installation hole of the electric glove is sealed in a special way, and the heat is tightly locked so that the outside cold air does not penetrate inside, giving the entire handle a constant temperature space inside the chamber. Not so cold in the thumb area, and uneven heat in other areas.

Intelligent electric gloves use intelligent electric heating devices to obtain energy, and high-performance thermal insulation cotton is a thermal insulation layer, which is controlled by intelligent control and heated at the hands. This system makes full use of the surplus energy of the existing motorcycle windings, which saves energy and provides beneficial protection for the rider's safe driving.

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