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There are two basic requirements for down apparel accessories
May 25, 2018

Down jacket accessories have two basic requirements: First, low temperature resistance, because the use of the environment is generally at a low temperature, the low temperature of the accessories is likely to break. The second is durability. Imagine that if your zipper is suddenly damaged and cannot be pulled in the environment of -30 degrees Celsius, what will be the result?

Down stitching process has its own particularities. Feather weight is light, easy to move with the wind, when the system must be sewing the majority of the garment, leaving only charge down into the velvet mouth filling down. In order to prevent the falling down, accumulation, flocculation into the down down should be fixed. If there are two levels in the surface and in the inside, then the surface and the inside are fastened together; in the surface, in the middle, and in the three layers of the bile, the inside and the bile are bound together (or made into life to be washed off). In order to prevent the fleece from drilling out of the needle eye, a thin No. 11 needle is required for the production. Uncoated general fabrics must be lined with chemical fiber paper.

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