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Down Jacket Five Bogey
May 25, 2018

A bogey size was chosen improperly. Down-fat dressings increase the flow of air between garments and the human body, and dissipate body temperature quickly. Excessive weight will reduce the gap in the down jacket and reduce the amount of static air in the jacket, thus reducing warmth.

Second bogey burns. Many down jackets use nylon and other chemical fiber as the fabric, because the nylon fabric is extremely poor heat resistance, when the temperature reaches 160 °C, it will be deformed, so wear down jackets to avoid the heat pipe, cigarette hot ash, fireworks and other scattered objects.

Three bogey improper washing. Wash down jacket application soft brush light brush, cutting can not be used, can not be twisted.

Four avoid washing too frequently. Although the down jacket can be washed, but due to poor down intensity, frequent washing will make the down crushed, clumping, reducing warmth.

Five bogey exposure. Nylon fabrics are afraid of sunlight exposure. Exposure to sunlight for a long time under the hot sun can cause aging of nylon fabric fibers.

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