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Electric Car Electric Gloves Safety Precautions
May 25, 2018

1. Please be sure to read the safety precautions carefully and use it correctly as required.

2. Before the installation must determine whether the product model and vehicle voltage match;

3. Do not pull, pull or fold the wires.

4. Ambient temperature above 18 degrees, humidity greater than 80% is strictly prohibited;

5. Can be washed. To prevent scratching during machine washing, it is best to use a net bag and then machine wash. Do not use solvent scrub

According to statistics, the number of motorcycles and electric vehicles in China is close to 200 million, and the average monthly increase is still 5 million. In the cold winter, operating electric cars and motorcycle electric gloves is a real sense of safety, health, warmth for the grassroots! It is a good business to make money and accumulate morals, especially electric gloves with five fingers, plug and play, very convenient! Buying this product is not primarily for heating, it is more important to ensure the driver's flexibility in the winter, so that the brain's instructions can be accurately transmitted to the fingers, thereby avoiding traffic risks, and can be an excellent prevention of knuckle arthritis! A good product for family and friends is safe, healthy and warm!

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