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Electric Gloves System Composition
May 25, 2018

-Electric car electric gloves have the core patent technology of composite fiber heating wire. Composite fiber heating wire material is ultra-flexible. The electric heating plate made of composite fiber heating wire is exceptionally resistant to bending!

- The intelligent heating layer is set on the back of the electric glove to achieve precise heating.

- The installation hole of the intelligent electric glove is sealed in a special way, the heat is tightly locked and not leaked outside. The cold air outside does not penetrate inside, giving the whole chamber a constant temperature space. Not so cold in the thumb area, and uneven heat in other areas. It is very good to achieve the purpose of sealing, constant temperature, comfort and energy saving.

- Smart electric gloves are high-tech products that use advanced intelligent electric heating devices to obtain energy, high-performance thermal insulation cotton as insulation layer, and intelligent control to accurately heat the opponent's department. This system makes full use of the surplus energy of the existing motorcycle windings, which saves energy and provides beneficial protection for the rider's safe driving.

- Intelligent electric heating gloves have high heating efficiency, energy saving, high safety and careful design considerations. It is a kind of safety protection product with high efficiency, energy saving, low consumption, safety, comfort, practicality, inexpensive, and high cost performance.

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