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Down jacket with cashmere
May 25, 2018

Cashmere content

The amount of cashmere is the percentage of the amount of fleece and velvet that is filled in the feather down in all the fillings. For example, if a down jacket is purchased and the filling is 90% white duck down and 10% white feathers, it means that the amount of cashmere in this garment is 90%.

And when you decide to buy a down jacket, you must first look at the product label on the collar. If you have less than 50% cashmere, you should pay attention to it. It does not meet the minimum requirements of the national down apparel. standard.

Charging amount

Everyone must pay attention to the fact that the amount of stuffing is not the same as the amount of cashmere contained. The amount of cashmere is the percentage, and the amount of filling is the actual number of grams of feather and velvet that is filled in, and the size of the clothes. , length, style and other factors.

The amount of down-filled down clothing I just bought was called 22, which is 100 grams. Some friends like to buy down jackets when they like to buy a large amount of filling, and feel that such a thicker will be more warm, but you must not underestimate the amount of cashmere, because the warmth of the cashmere itself is very large, 80% of the amount of cashmere than 75% warmer.

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