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The Down Jacket Material Is Mainly Down And Coated Fabrics
May 25, 2018

1 Down: Mixture of pinnacles and cashmere (also known as cashmere). The former weigh feathers, the latter velvet. Ducks and geese are used more often, and the pinches and piles are separated and used as a wadding for down jackets. There are two types of down and gray, white is better. The quality of down jackets is related to the amount of velvet and the amount of cashmere contained. The amount of down-filling refers to the down weight of a down jacket. It is expressed in grams. It is generally about 250 grams. The amount of down-filling is small, and the warmth is poor. The amount of downy contained is the content of down in the down, which is expressed as a percentage. It is 50-80%. With high velvet content, the quality is good. Because the cashmere can make the body heat not easy to dissipate, and feel soft, but when pressed and wet, it is not easy to bulge in time, and at the moment, the pinnacle can make the clothes fluffy and bulging to keep more air in the clothes. Helps keep warm, but there are many small plumes, the heat is easy to disperse, and there is a sense of hairiness. Therefore, the cashmere and the pinnacle must be combined in a proper proportion.

2 The coated fabric is made of warp and weft high density silk, cotton, cotton and polyester fabrics. After rolling, the space between the warp and weft yarns is reduced, and then the polymer slurry is coated to form a transparent film that is interlocked with the fabric. Covering layer to close the gap between the fabric latitude and longitude, in the coating slurry by adding fluorophos resin or silicone waterproof agent, so that the fabric has anti-dust, anti-seepage performance. Comfortable.

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