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Vest Selection
May 25, 2018

Body size

The full-height, dark-colored V-neck vest or loose-fitting vest will suit you, because you can contract you properly.

The body size can also transfer the sight of others.

The girl with a flat chest on the upper side usually has a lean shoulder and is full of "bone-feeling". The most popular cut-down vest is for you. The position of the harness is close to the neck, the collar is open very high, and there are small folds, highlighting the curve of the shoulder, so that the chest has a certain fullness, if the skin is tan, wear it is more healthy and vitality.

Waist thick waist is really too much trouble. You may wish to try a wide A-line vest or a high-waisted, one-shoulder-lined design that allows for a slight shift in line of sight.

Although the shoulder width type is a good shelf to dress, you can invert the triangle hard lines will inevitably lack the feminine. If you choose a high-necked, wide-shoulder strap, a vest that can wrap your arms and shoulders in place, you can change this visual effect.

Women who are thin shoulders and sloppy on the shoulders, wearing a fine camisole, can give the visual illusion of widening the shoulders and can also be more energetic.

Personal style

The natural style is the preferred knitted vest. It gives a healthy impression, and the relaxed trousers are refreshing and comfortable.

Romantic style can be made Hawaiian-style scarves or vests. Select the brightly-patterned scarf and fold it into triangles. The two upper corners are pulled to the back of the neck and the left and right corners are knotted on the back to become a chic neck tie vest. The cleverness of choosing a small floral or polka dot pattern collar, pleated shoulders, or a vest with a ruffle will make you more sweet and lovely.

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